Friday, June 27, 2008

A Delay due to Plastic and minor sorting out for Brigitta

I went by the Beemer dealer yesterday to pick up some sundry parts of Brigitta that were either missing or needed OEM replacement.

While I was there, the service manager stopped to talk to me and said all the repair parts had arrived for Maria, the 1150RT except for the large right side plastic fairing piece. This piece is on backorder with no real status as to it's arrival. I guess it's good that I got my spare motorcycle Brigitta eh? I can't imagine how I would deal with no riding for however long that backordered item takes to arrive! It could be weeks, perhaps months! Arrrrgggghh.

Part #1 above is what's backordered

About Brigitta, my now main motorcycle for the near future, she needed a new brake line clamp, #11 in below diagram:

She was also missing one of two tension springs for her centerstand, #2 below:

Brigitta came to me with only two keys, one for the ignition (not the original one) and one key for the hardbags. Neither key would lock the seat and so someone could remove the seat and steal the toolkit and whatever else I'd stored in the tail section. Not good, so I decided to get a key coded with original keycode from BMW and lo and behold, now I can lock the seat. One more key to carry around of course, someday I'll probably remove the seat lock mechanism and have it keyed to the hardbag key perhaps.

The only thing I can't lock on Brigitta now is her steering lock. Not sure it's a priority.

Finally, I had the vintage motorcycle mechanic at the beemer dealer look at Brigitta's rubber fork covers, #18 below. He approved of their use but confirmed I need to order the clamps for the upper end, #19 below:

So far, no major expensive parts needed for Brigitta, which is good since we recently received the bill for my Emergency Room visit after the accident. Yikes.

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Martha said...

You ain't the only one here in the House of Chang that is glad we made the decision to get Brigitta!