Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Cycleport Mesh Pants are back after being modified.

I had found a slight binding sensation behind my right knee area when wearing the Air Mesh Kevlar Riding Pants from Cycleport. While not painful, it was a bit annoying considering the cost of the pants and I knew I would have to send them back for modifications.

Wayne Boyer, Cycleport's owner, patiently worked with me via email while I tried to make the pants work for me before sending them back. He suggested perhaps running them through the dryer, without heat, for a couple of hours and while it did soften them a bit, still there was the binding. Tried it with different types of pants thinking perhaps it was the work pants I wore underneath, pretty much same symptoms.

So, I ended up sending them back Wednesday of last week, the 21st of May. I confirmed that Cycleport got them just before noon that Friday. Unfortunately, it was the Memorial Day Long Weekend so I don't think they worked on the pants till the 27th. I got an email from Wayne that they were going to replace the air mesh kevlar behind the knees with stretch kevlar material since its softer.

On 5/29 I got an email from Wayne saying the pants were done and shipping that day. Cost of mods? $29! Good news!

The pants arrived today, late afternoon. I went off on a ride to the Beemer dealer to take care of some stuff there and see how the modded pants felt. They felt much better! No more binding sensation behind the right knee! Joy!

Here's pics of the modded area of the pants.

No Flash

with Flash

My initial impression is that this mod will do the trick in my being fully satisfied with the riding pants. The workmanship of the mod is as good as the rest of the pants. Good customer service again by Wayne Boyer and his crew at Cycleport.

The pants are back just in time for the Two Bits Rally this Friday!

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