Sunday, June 15, 2008

Apparently, I've a KBC Head

My first and only motorcycling helmet has been a KBC Silver FFR helmet.

I bought it, in the dazed minutes after signing the contract for my first motorcycle, a 2006 Honda Shadow Aero. It fit well, was a flip up that I could keep my glasses on while putting it on and the color matched my new motorcycle. How little I knew of motorcycling then.

My recent crash now necessitates my buying a new replacement helmet as the integrity and soundness of mine is in question. It's also pretty scratched up from apparently rubbing on the pavement during my sliding on the I-70 superslab.

Over the last week, I've gone to several helmet dealers looking at SHOEIs, ARAIs, ICONs, and HJCs. They either did not fit in terms of my chin touching or nearly touching the chinbar, or did not have the right color available (ICON) or simply I did not like their fit.

Yeah, my hurt shoulder hurt each and every time I pulled a new helmet onto my head, specially the full face versions.

There I was ready to spend almost $500 for a Shoei and it wouldn't fit!

So I ordered online for the same model helmet from KBC but in White this time for more conspicuity. It should be here Tuesday of this week I hope.

The above pic shows the helmet I ordered

Though in Silver, these pics show the flipup and dark visor options I'll have

Overall, I've been satisfied with the KBC FFR Flipup helmet:

It protected my noggin obviously during the crash. I apparently did not impact on the chin bar since there's no scratches though.

It vents "ok" in the summer though I confess I tend to crack the visor open a bit for more air.

Great during winter riding, with a balaclava underneath of course.

It's subject to wind noise at highway speeds while on Maria but not on Brigitta, so Maria's fairings are causing part of the problem? Hmmm.

It's not the lightest of helmets, it starts hurting the top of my head a bit after about 4-6hrs of riding, specially if I don't take it off during fuel stops.

During heavy rain, it tends to allow a drop or two in, on the inside of the visor.

Check the screws holding the flipup component in place, they do come loose sometimes!

It lasted over 36k miles, a little over two years....probably would have been fine for at least two more if not for the accident.

I love the dark green visor option. I'll be keeping the visors when I turn the old helmet in to the insurance office, once my new helmet is on my head!


Demonio Pellegrino said...

choosing an helmet is always difficult. I have a few myself, but the one I am in love with is the Schuberth J1. I posted a test of a few flip up helmets on my Italian since you speak Italian you might be able to read it through (at the least the summary table).

as for the nosies, I absolutely know what you mean. On the v-strom I suffer enormously from noises and buffetting, caused by the fairing, whereas on the Mana - a naked - I have no noise and no buffeting...

Conchscooter said...

I've been away and came home surprised to read of your fall. Belated sympathy and all that and its a ill wind that blows no one any good.An airhead BMW is a treat even with that klunky gearbox. I wanted an RS100 or an R90 so badly when I was poor and 20 years old... I'm enjoying reading about your petcock confusion- the motorcycle shouldn't leak fuel even if they are left open. Perosnally I view the closed petcock on my Bonneville as a theft deterrent- most of the modern riders alive today have no idea what they are.

Charlie6 said...

note for future helmet buyers...just because a website says they've a helmet "available" does not mean its in stock! Grrrrr.....

I won't be spending money at in the future!

Kevin W said...

I was wearing a KBC FFR as well when I crashed two years ago. I landed face down and will never forget the sound of the visor scraping on the asphalt. I still have and occasionally use the KBC but moctly use a HJC because it is quieter. The KBC is still the best fitting helmet I've owned.