Monday, June 30, 2008

LINK: Long Way Down - The Big Screen Version!

I spotted this at a blog listed on Motorcyclist Online News and Updates. They were talking about the upcoming one day showing of the director's cut of the movie "The Long Way Down" starring Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.

I had previously seen the series on TV of their previous journey "The Long Way Round" and while there were parts that were not as great, still a great story and it featured Beemer GS motorcycles so it was enjoyable.

Photo from Motorcyclist Online

Here's an excerpt from the motorcyclist Online site:

They say everything is bigger in the United States of America and as far as the Long Way Down franchise is concerned, those in the 'land of opportunity' are being treated to an especially large slice of McGregor and Boorman pie on Thursday July 31st. A special two-hour 'Director's Cut' of Long Way Down will air just once at 7.30pm in 400 movie theaters nationwide.

American audiences have yet to see the Long Way Down series on television and this exclusive director's cut is a unique prelude to the 10-part TV series, which starts on 2 August on Fox Reality Channel. Airing for one night only, attending the two-hour special will be the only way the public are able to see this film on the big screen. Consequently, demand for tickets (which go on sale June 27th) is expected to be extremely high.

It was the original Long Way Round odyssey in 2004 that helped bring the BMW R 1150 GS Adventure and the possibilities of adventure travel to the masses. The series also catapulted Charley Boorman to fame and did no harm to Ewan McGregor's reputation either. The established movie star's dream of traversing Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the USA with his best mate became a worldwide hit and inspired countless riders to leave the safety of their daily existences for life on the road.

Full article here: LINK

I've already bought a ticket to see it, you will also be able to see it in the States on FOX Reality Channel starting the 2nd of August. If it's anything close to the first movie, it'll be a showcase of two guys with probably overloaded GS motorcycles, riding some pretty tough terrain over 15000 miles....sounds pretty good eh?

Here's a link to the posting I made after watching the "Long Way Round" on DVD. LINK.


Richard Machida said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on the special screening. I just bought the Long Way 'Round DVD (from Amazon Canada) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

DrFaulken said...

I saw Long Way Down and felt like the last two episodes went through a LOT of last-minute editing. Long Way 'Round had a nice, steady conclusion in contrast.

I can't imagine a condensed two-hour version would remedy the "rushed ending" feel I got from the full series.

Of course, I'll have to go see this anyway ;) Thanks for the mention.

Anonymous said...

You all should check this out. I saw the first episode and it was AWESOME!!!


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