Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Enjoying a more surefooted Yagi

 Last day for this stay by the Dragoon Mountains.  It was warm with almost no breeze, a perfect day.

Spent the morning just doing little chores for the VRRV, burning trash, and fixing loose items on Yagi, my TW200 Dual Sport.

After lunch, I took Yagi out for a run out to Council Rocks and back, about 12 miles or so.  I wanted to prove to myself that yesterday's outstanding traction performance by Yagi hadn't been a fluke you see.

I'm happy to report it wasn't, she was surefooted all the way to Council Rocks and back.  I made it a point to seek out the rough portions of the road, the more loose rocks the better!  After a while, I even took to riding in the middle of the road where the sand and gravel had collected.  It was very enjoyable, not worrying about the tires sliding out perhaps when hitting the loose stuff.

The only time I felt the rear tire slide a bit was on really deep sand and I recovered easily due to the better traction provided by the lower air pressure in the tires!

On the rocky hill portion, I chose the middle again, right over the bits where the loose rocks were the thickest and no problem!  It was quite lovely, I must say.

I rode by Dave and Gus' campsite, they had returned from running errands in town.  We chatted for a bit and then said my thanks and goodbyes to both as I'm planning on displacing tomorrow.

Nine days here at the base of the Dragoon Mountains, west side, and an enjoyable time it was.  Met an experienced rider who taught me ways to enjoy dirt riding more, what more can one ask?

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