Thursday, November 25, 2021

Cool Couple of Days here at Dragoon Mountains

 Wednesday, November 23

Didn't accomplish much in terms of scenery. A drive up Road 687 that Google Maps said was a back way to Texas Canyon proved a blocked route. The Dragoon Mountain Ranch had barred public access, something not taken into account by Google.

Back at the campsite I noted that the recent resumption of coolant fluid by the Sammy was worsening.

Decided to take the Sammy to Benson, AZ on Interstate 10 and get more K-Seal cooling system sealant. Sealant procured and some poured into the coolant reservoir; I figured to drive east on Interstate 10 the estimated 10 miles to Texas Canyon.

Bad idea, the Sammy was continually passed by speeding traffic, and she felt like she was struggling to hold 55 mph!

Still, got to the exit at Mile Marker 318 and determined no ready access to Texas Canyon! It's all private land and the only public access of the rock formations are either from the highway while moving or from the nearby rest stop. Oh well

Ran the Sammy back on the Interstate, no other road you see, and was glad to make it back to Benson and AZ Highway 80 for the 30 mile or so ride back to camp!

On the plus side, the coolant reservoir stayed filled up so hopefully the K-Seal will once again buy me some time before I either decide to tackle a head gasket replacement on my own (unlikely) or take it to the auto shop to have it done

Here's a couple of pics I forgot to publish from Tuesday's ride to Council Rocks.  These were taken using the Sony HX-80's great optical zoom feature:

Who needs Texas Canyon's rocks, right?

Thursday, November 24 - Thanksgiving Day

Cold, overcast day for Thanksgiving Day here. The high was forecasted to be 52 degrees Fahrenheit, but thankfully it rose to 57 degrees when the sun briefly shone through the clouds.

The sun being out, the temperatures felt warmer than they actually were. Still, it was nice to sit in the sun and read for a little while anyways.

Tonight's sunset was pretty good. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Day, those of who celebrate it that is.


SonjaM said...

Really enjoying your sunset. Haven't seen a spectacular one in a long time. It's mostly grey and foggy here due to the proximity to river Rhine.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM... here's hoping your sunsets improve....