Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Council Rock's Petroglyphs and T-Dub'ing along the Dragoon Mountains

 Today was forecasted to be the warmest day this week and it only reached 68 degrees Fahrenheit!  Still, it was somewhat sunny with lots of clouds overhead.

First order of business was a drive to nearby city of Sierra Vista to get some supplies and such.  Got gas in Tombstone before returning to the campground and putting away the supplies.

Then, after not much of a lunch, I rode Yagi out to Council Rocks since the sun was shining for a while.  

I'd been there before but this time I concentrated efforts on the petroglyphs located on one of the larger rocks comprising the sheltered area used by Native Americans in times past.

Here's a link to my last visit:  LINK

From that previous post, here's the main portion of Council Rocks, where the petroglyphs are located:

Here's some of the cool rock formations visible just a very short distance from the above spot:

Today's pics of the petroglyphs:

I got to say, the above figures are kind of freaky

I wonder what the difference or significance of the vertical
vs the horizontal convoluted lines are....

The above figure was located up high, like it was looking down

I left Council Rocks and rode Yagi along the west side of the Dragoon Mountains, stopping to pose her where appropriate.

Council Rocks is that pile of rocks on the extreme left of the picture

Got back to the campsite close to 4 PM, it was cooling off pretty fast by then with the clouds pretty much obscuring the sky.  Sunset was a very bright orange glow for a bit....kind of neat.

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