Sunday, July 08, 2007

Packing for the BMWMOA Rally Trip

Final day before the big trip to Wisconsin. I worked till 0400 this morning helping out with a network change which went well. Got up around 0930 or so, started work on packing the motorcycle up. Tried strapping the duffel bag down lengthwise at first and took her out for a ride. Found the duffel shifted to the sides a bit too easy, so tightened the straps down when I got home after tanking up for tomorrow.

The bag is claimed waterproof but I found that my camelback which I had strapped to the top of the duffel had leaked, and water got in via the zipper! That's why everything worth keeping dry inside is in plastic bags. I am using the special bags you can squeeze all the air out of so they and their contents take up less space.

Had some second thoughts and ended up strapping the duffel bag cross-wise on top of the pillion seat, supported on the ends by the system cases. I was then able to cross the securing straps and I think it's a more secure and better looking arrangement. As I tightened things down and took the pictures below, the thought came to mind that if Maria could talk, she's ask me: "Does this make my butt look big?" : )

I'll be taking her out for a short test ride with the duffel in this configuration later but I think she'll be just fine.

The white tape on the bag is Solas Reflective Tape, same stuff used in life rafts.

More Solas tape on the bag, the system cases are using the black tape that lights up as white when hit by light, in this case from the camera's flash.

Looking forward to using the duffel as a backrest of sorts while riding, should help me get some riding in as I add a few more to the list of states I've motorcycled in.

I am riding with a fellow beemer rider who rode from California. We're meeting up at 0700 in the morning at a local coffee shop, we're slabbing it via I-76 to Nebraska, I-80 through the cornhusker state witha overnight stay near Des Moines, IA if all goes well.

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