Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cobbling together a sunshade for the N800 while its on the motorcycle

I went for a short ride today to Radio Shack to get one more cable to hook up my cellphone to my amplirider. Not that I am going to take phone calls while riding but to hear the alert tone when mail/vm comes in while I am moving.

I also cobbled together a sunshade of sorts for the N800 while its attached to the windshield mount. It's made from an old storage case for a telecoupler modem device. Yes, I've been using computers that long, actually....longer.

I found at the end of the ride that of course less air hits the unit while on the move and in the sunlight so it got warm to the touch. This is something I have to monitor while on the trip coming up next week. Main problem remains glare on the screen, not only from when direct sunlight hits it but also reflections from your gear. Changing angles(for which the Nokia mount is great) helps a bit. I was even able to wear my polarized sunglasses and still read the screen.

Here's some shots of the benefits of this sunshade (note the old cardboard now acting as supporting member):

Navicore Screen in "Sunny" mode while motorcycle is in garage's shade

Navicore in "sunny" mode while outside in the sun

Navicore in "cloudy" mode while out in the sun with helmet reflecting on screen

Navicore screen in "sunny" mode with less helmet reflection

All in all, the cobbled together sunshade did it's job pretty well. It shaded where it could and as an added benefit it allowed me to just zip the case shut and hit the N800 from prying eyes while I made a quick stop at the Radio Shack, leaving the motorcycle parked where I could keep an eye on it of course.

You can see my unobstrusive voltage indicator lights in some of the pics. It's so unobstrusive I forgot to look for the lights while riding! Another thing to get used to while riding.

Oh I also tested out my new earbud earphones. Got them from a seller on Ebay and they got here yesterday. They're the JVC HAFX33B Marshmallow Headphones if your curious. Nice noise isolation abilities, comfortable so far though I did not go for a long ride and great music fidelity.

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