Wednesday, July 11, 2007

BMWMOA Rally Trip - Day 3: On to Wisconsin and I find six of its Rustic Roads

Mileage Start: 34445
Mileage End: 34660
Total for today: 215

Early start today, my army buddy has to be at work at 0600 so I asked him to wake me so I could not only say goodbye and thanks but to also escape the area before the morning rush.

I rode by the river, the St. Charles I believe. I relied on the gps to get me out of the area and northbound towards Lake Geneva, WI. The gps took me along several county roads all the way to the Wisconsin border and to Lake Geneva with ease.

I got on the net at the coffee shop and located six "rustic roads" that were either near me or on the way to today's final destination of Menomonee Falls, WI. For the most part the maps and info provided by the WI DOT along with the gps to put me on their near vecinity, made the six roads I rode to easy to find. The last one, #86, was missing its "rustic road" sign on the southern end but luckily the other end had one which I got my final picture of the day of.

An example of a Rustic Road Sign which was my goal

I then made my way to Menomonee Falls and dropped off my bag with my wife's Aunt and Uncle. I then went to the Milwaukee airport to meet with the wife and kids. Found out the hard way that they don't allow motorcycles in the regular parking garage. Of course, did they make obvious by posting signs BEFORE you're sitting at the damn automated ticket booth with cagers stacking up behond you? Noooooooo...

Finally met up with my family and got them into a rental cage and we got to experience rush hour in Milwaukee which apparently is in full force before 4pm. Fortunately, the weather peaked on the low 80s and although it was sunny there was a cool breeze through most of the state which made riding around most enjoyable.

1259 miles since the trip started on Monday. First day we racked up 685 miles, not too bad for a rookie like myself. I found Maria a bit short on oil this evening as I checked her out so she got a bit to bring the oil level to midpoint on the sight glass.

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