Friday, July 13, 2007

BMWMOA Rally Trip - Day 5

Mileage Start: 34755
Mileage End: 35056
Total for Today: 301

Today was the second day of the Rally being open, and last day for me as I must ride to Kearney, MO tomorrow on my way back to the Denver area.

The whole family went and it gave the boys a chance to look over some of the motorcycles in the parking lot. I could not get them into the vendor area but they seemed ok with it. They went off to visit more friends and I stayed at the Rally.

My youngest with a sidecar rig

I walked around a bit but there was really nothing new for me. I checked to see if my ticket number had won any of the daily prize drawings, nothing. Finally, after much wandering around fruitlessly, I secured a "Rustic Roads" book from the hospitality center (should have done that much earlier it seems) and went off in search of the remaining two Rustic Roads I needed to have ten total for the patch award.

In between the last two rustic roads, I rode by Lake Michigan and took these shots just north of the city of Manitowoc and before the city of Two Rivers.

Lake Michigan, that's Manitowoc in the distance

Finally, I realized that the state border with Michigan was way too far for the limited time I had and I turned back to meet with the husband of my wife's cousin Sarah: Steve. He's got a 1980 Honda Goldwing predecesor, not sure of the exact nomenclature, but it was the 900cc version. I got to his house near West Bend soon after 1600hrs and off we went for what turned out to be a nearly 70 mile ride through Dodge County.

Steve, on his 1980 Honda Goldwing Predecessor he bought from my father-in-law

Steve took me through some pretty scenic farm countryside roads, I even spied the spires of the Holy Hill Church which apparently is world famous. We did not get close enough for me to take pictures though, maybe next time, if there is one. We ended up the ride at Augustine Road which is Rustic Road 33 which I'd found yesterday! We made our way back to Steve's house and after some conversation I went to go back to my wife's relatives' house where we'd been staying.

I noticed as I turned the engine on that the brake warning light was on! Damn, I tried turning the engine off and back on, no go, the brake warning light was on. Double-Damn, I thought perhaps my brakes had failed, specifically the ABS. I tried the brakes as I rode out of the neighborhood and they seemed fine. So I kept going towards Menomonee Falls, all the time wondering where the nearest beemer dealer would be so they could check out the bike. About halfway to Menomonee Falls, it occurs to me it might be a fuse since the brakes were obviously working. Then when near the house I thought it might be the brakelight itself that was not working and so the working. This thought came to me since most posting I'd read about the ABS failing on these bikes resulted in a blinking brake warning light and mine was steady on.

Got home safely, went to check the brakelight and it was not working! I could hear the ABS servos working so that reassured me it was probably a fuse issue. I accessed the fuses, and could not find any that were burned out. I took out a few and placed them back in, then I unsecured the brake light assembly to check the wiring, everything seemed fine.

OK, I thought, multimeter time. I got my wife to actuate the brake lever while I positioned myself at the wires and damned if the brakelight didn't work! I replaced no fuses, moved no wires and now it was all working and the brake warning light was gone from the console. Damn.

I am thinking perhaps it was a loose fuse, at least I hope that's what it was. A loose wire would be a pain in the butt to troubleshoot while riding home 1200 miles! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Planning to ride 600 miles tomorrow, should be in Kearney, MO NLT 1800. I'll be overnighting with a friend who used to be our next door neighbor before they moved out to MO to be closer to their families.

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