Saturday, July 28, 2007

My first attempt at movies while riding....

Overcast skies, temps from the mid 70s in the front range to mid 60s in the mountains and later 80s back in the front range.

About a 150 mile loop today, I took the 470 slab over to Wadsworth Blvd and took my favorite entry road into the foothills: Deer Creek Canyon.

Once at Fenders, I headed North on Turkey Creek Rd, past Tiny Town until I got to US285 which I headed North on for a little bit until I could get on the road towards Evergreen and Kittredge. This was a decently winding road which eventually got me to CO74 and Kittredge which I took towards Evergreen.

Once past Evergreen, I made my way towards Bergen Park and from there took part of the Lariat Loop Trail by getting on CO 103 or Mt Evans Road. This is a very twisty and steep at times road leading up to Echo Lake, the Echo Lake Lodge, and the entrance to the Mt Evans road that leads to the top of the mountain itself.

I'd been up there before on Maria so I instead donned my jacket liner since the temps were now in the 60s and it was chilly. I rode down CO 103, past Echo Lake:

Shortly after Echo Lake park, I spotted this sign which of course I had to photograph Maria next to, they really do mean it by the way, steep and twisting. A really nice ride down.

On the way down, I put the camera which was mounted on the steel shelf mentioned in previous posting into movie mode. It shoots about 33 seconds worth of video at the push of a button so I thought I'd see it'd do while on a moving motorcycle. Below are the best ones of the lot I shot while winding my way down CO 103.

Sadly, the camera I was using only shoots movies in 33 second increments so you only get a brief glimpse of the curves one negotiates while making one's way down the mountain towards Idaho Springs and I-70.

I think any future movie attempts on my part will have to wait until I get the BMR shelf in place on Maria and work out a way to prevent the reflections you can see of the handlebars on the windshield.

I took the 70 slab eastward and got off on the CO 6 exit towards Golden, another winding road with some tunnels thrown in. The road follows a creek which winds its way down some pretty tall canyon walls, very nice and scenic ride. Once in Golden, I headed on south and got back on the 470 slab and back home since I'd filled up the capacity of the media card on my camera.

A nice little ride, with many twisty roads to liven things up.

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