Thursday, July 12, 2007

BMWMOA Rally Trip - Day 4

Mileage Start 34660
Mileage End 34755
Total for today: 95

Today was the opening day for the BMWMOA International Rally in West Bend, WI. I've never seen so many beemers in one place!

The GPS got me there with no issues and it was quite near to where I was staying with family. You could spot the tents and scads of bikes from the highway so no problems finding the place regardless.

The rally was well organized, was registered with no problems, spent the day perusing all the vendors that show up at such things and found some good deals for myself. Got a new mesh jacket to replace the one on Ebay which has turned out to be not as satisfactory as I'd like. I got a Firstgear Tex-Mesh 2, gray and black, really nice. I am now officially an old man motorcyclist as well, have purchased and enjoying the use of a back support belt! Lastly, some yellow tinted clip-on lenses for my glasses for night driving.

As I mentioned before, hundreds, if not thousands of beemers in the parking lot and on the grassy areas amongst the many tents for those fellow riders who were camping at the rally.

Around 1400 hrs, I decided to go for a ride and hunt down some more "Rustic Roads" to add to the six I found yesterday. A little bit of internet searching of the WI DOT site and I set off towards the west away from West Bend. I managed to find two of the roads before I had to head back to the relatives for dinner.

Less than 100 miles of riding today, spent most of the day at the Rally. Will probably head back there tomorrow for a little bit to see if anything new has shown up. I should get the remaining two rustic roads tomorrow that I need to qualify for the Wisconsin Rustic Roads Patch.

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