Sunday, July 15, 2007

BMWMOA Rally Trip - Day 7 Going Home

Mileage Start: 35732
Mileage End: 36364
Total for today: 632
Total for the Trip: 2963

Left Kearney, MO at 0547hrs Mountain Time and arrived back in Centennial, CO at 1556hrs Mountain time. Long day, specially the last hour or so as I neared home. Again, Maria did well though still idling rough even after I tried a bottle of fuel injector cleaner.

Not much to report on riding through Kansas, it's truly as boring as has been reported along the I-70 slab. The temps, like yesterday, were in the high 90s and I saw it go to 101 on my onboard thermometer! I was drinking water constantly, stopped several times to soak down my cooling vest and did fine. No headaches and only some mildly chapped lips.

Did not really use the GPS as I was sticking to the I-70 Slab and it was a straight shot to Denver from Kansas City.

Kept hoping for rain but the skies remained barely overcast at times, mostly it was sunny and hot. At least the heat was less humid in Colorado than it was in MO/KS, now those states were humid!

Home safe and sound, cleaned up Maria and dealt with the rough idling issue by turning what I believe to be the throttle adjustment screw 1.5 times to the left till the idling smoothed out a bit. I'll watch it the next few days for any issues.

Some notes about long distance riding:

1. Cooling vest, wicking shirt/shorts and camelback are key items. Don't leave home without them. The initial cooling effect once moving again is quite enjoyable even though it will fade.
2. I must remember to keep the pillion seat clear so I can slide back onto it to relieve sore points on my butt and also allow my legs to hang free and still remain clear of the pavement.
3. Standing up for a few seconds on the pegs really helps with the sore knees.
4. When the "gas low" warning light comes on, I only have 1/4 gallon left!
5. Don't overpack! My heavy and overpacked with unneeded items duffle bag is coming back with my wife on the plane.
6. Stupid cagers will pass you only to cut in front of you to exit shortly thereafter.
7. At least for me, eat lightly if at all during your stops, it prevents "food comma" where one gets sleepy while riding. I made sure to have some breakfast, no lunch, and a big dinner. Only got sleepy a couple of times in spite of this but simply stopped at that point for a few minutes. Drinking water helps keep you awake.
8. Keep some snack handy in your tankbag that you can grab with gloved hands, and that you don't have to unwrap to eat! Today is was Gummi Worms. : ) I am thinking JellyBelly beans next time I do this.
9. Consider some method to carry an additional gallon of fuel somehow. I almost ran out of fuel on the way to Kearney while in Iowa. Quite worrisome.
10. Border welcome signs can rush past if you're not paying attention! Never did get the one for Iowa!

Am now past 36k, Maria is due another valve lash clearance check this weekend along with an oil change I think. I will probably also replace the alternator belt and if the replaced belt is in good shape, will carry it as the spare.

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