Sunday, July 15, 2007

BMWMOA Rally Trip Day 6 - Going Home by way of Missouri

Start Mileage: 35056
Mileage End: 35732
Total for today: 676

Started off early from Menomenee Falls in the midst of some light rain and wet roads. got sprinkled on a couple of times but nothing that lasted more than a few seconds. I was totally relying on the GPS to get me to Kearney, MO. I told it, probably mistakenly, to get me there via fastest route mode. I told it this from outside Madison, WI. Somehow, it decided that the fastest way was up towards Rochester, MN, THEN South towards Des Moines! On the plus side, I got to add another state to the list of states I've ridden my motorcycle in, on the negative side, it probably cost me an hour or two of travel time.

The ride itself was pretty uneventful, I resorted to all known methods of dealing with sore knees and sore butt. In combination, they made the ride quite bearable and in combination with tunes and digital books on my Nokia N800 helped the miles roll by and I completed the trip to Kearny in 11 hours. Long trip.

Maria's been running a bit rough on idle since yesterday, I am hoping it's the ethanol in the gas sold in Wisconsin. I'll try a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in her during tomorrow's ride.

Spent the night with friends that had moved to Kearney from Colorado. Thanks Gary and Sandy!

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