Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rabid Cager in a Rush during morning commute.

Temps in high 40s for the morning commute. Sunny and no breeze to speak of.

I was riding along behind a pack of cagers, the lead vehicles in this four lane road were doing the strict speed limit of 40mph so naturally other cagers started bunching up.

I settled in to just dealing with this in front of me and just follow along. However, this female cager who had followed me out of my own neighborhood decided this was not good enough for her. She starts tailgating the cage in front of her, repeatedly having to use the brakes to keep from slamming into him.

So, having gotten nowhere with that brilliant tactic, she cuts me off and slides into my lane, luckily I saw that coming so was prepared. I think she thought it was ok because she blipped her turn signal once before pulling in front of me with perhaps ten feet to spare. I backed way off while she then proceeds to tailgate the cage that had been in front of me! This goes on for a bit, I decided to whip around her and proceed to make my way past the pack which was finally breaking apart.

In the process, I slid back in front of her, plenty of space mind you, but apparently she was not pleased as I found later on.

Still, the way she was positioned in her reckless driving, she was stuck behind several cars as I moved on ahead of the slower traffic.

As I approached the intersection of Orchard Rd and Parker Rd which is the exit out of suburbia for me. I saw that she took the right hand lane to go northbound on Parker as I stayed in the lane to go Southbound on Parker. I look over to her in her maroon mini-suv, license plate CO 509-JFE, and she flips me off! Blonde haired cager should know better than to flip off someone who lives in the same neighborhood don't you think? Stupid cager!

She's now something else to watch out for on my daily commutes. She was an irritant in an otherwise uneventful and rather nice commute. Oh well. Perhaps I'll find her again, I'll have to make sure I flip up my helmet so she can see my face as I blow her a kiss. That should piss her off. : )

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SkiTheStars said...

A Solution for tailgators:

Maybe the following story will reduce the problem and discourage the tailgaters. We have a 12 mile stretch of two lane road through mountains with grades and turns. I pull over even if it means pulling into a driveway where I have to come to a complete stop.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad trucks or mini SUV's ?

Great story ! The other day a guy driving an oxygen delivery truck who was sick and tired of his job and sick and tired of big monster pickup trucks tailgating him came up with a solution as he set out for his last run.

He rigged up a release valve trigger for several of the large tanks, so that the resultant cloud of oxygen would go directly backwards into the grille of the offending truck.

When the pure oxygen went into the air intake of the trucks he sucker-baited, the mix was so rich and powerful that the trucks blew up their engines. I heard he managed to blow up at least four or five before he ran out of oxygen. Being a good guy, he still made his deliveries to his patients of their normal requirements.