Friday, May 25, 2007

I've been approved to do a review of Farkle

Got good news via email this week. I had emailed the people at N800 Womworld offering to review the Navicore GPS Software and Kit that is made for the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.

This tablet is a gadget I acquired over a month ago and now they make a GPS software package and car kit for it. It's got a pretty large screen for my old eyes, built-in WIFI connectivity, can tether to my phone for Internet access, has built-in software to make it useful out of the box as well as a growing list of third party applications since it runs on the Maemo version of Linux so it's open source.

Anyway, enough geeking, go to womworld if you want more details. Back to the reason for this posting. I had emailed the good folks at womworld and they agreed that it was a good idea for a motorcyclist who already owned a N800 to try it out on a motorcycle and see how it does. Their reviews unit is due back to them at the end of the month and I am supposed to get it afterwards.

I've already determined that setting the N800 in the map case for my tankbag won't work due to heat issues since it's exposed to direct sunlight. I'll be trying their car mount which attaches to a windshield instead.

I've been thinking about getting a TomTom Rider GPS for a while now but if I can get the Navicore kit to work on my motorcycle with my N800, that's one less thing to carry and worry about on trips.

Until I get the kit, it's unknown to me whether the screen will be visible in broad daylight or how the voice prompts will sound while at highway speeds. I plan to use my earphones to plug into the GPS of course. Best guess right now is if the screen is hard to see, I'll rely on voice prompts during the testing.

Still this will be my first official review of a company's product under their aegis and with them providing the equipment! Good Stuff.

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