Friday, May 04, 2007

Brakelights Farkle for Maria

I had realized a few days ago how weak the "scanning" LED lights I had placed on Maria back in February 2007 were when viewed in broad daylight. Nighttime, they were fine but in daylight...not good.

Shopped around, and decided on the offering from Hyperlites. Highly recommend their product by the way, rapid shipping, good customer service and pricing is pretty good.

The unit was easy to hook up, they come pre-wired with special connectors. All you have to do is remove the connectors from your brake light, hook the ones from the hyperlites in their place, then hook up the original connectors to the hyperlite connectors. Very nice and easy. Hardest part was getting the oem connectors to come loose! : )

It comes in continuous flashing mode by default, but if you want it to just flash for 5 seconds then stay on, you just snip the green wire. That's it!

Here's a short movie of the lights with the garage door open, which fools the light sensor on the camera it seems. The lights are much brighter than they appear.

Here's another short movie of the lights with the garage door closed, low light levels, much brighter as you can see, kind of seemed to overwhelm the light sensor on the camera.

I rode it a short bit yesterday evening and today during the commute to and from work and it does seem to catch the cager's attention as they close in on you from behind. Some of them even seemed to stop further back than usual. I feel better now about being stopped at a light. Once I see the cager has come to a stop, I usually let off the brake lever to not annoy the cager. If they decide to stop really close to me, I'll just keep the brake lever engaged and let them enjoy the quite brilliant light show!

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