Monday, May 28, 2007

Did I find a better riding position? Maybe.

On a separate note, all the riding this weekend had me moving all over the motorcycle to get comfortable after long stretches of riding. Specially on CO160 and its straightforward monotonous pavement, I'd find myself steering with one hand, cruise control on, the other hand/arm leaned back and resting on the respective system case at times.

Today, during a three hour riding stretch, it suddenly dawned on me that my knees were not sore and my butt was not hurting. Seems I had started the day with riding with my boot heels on the pegs and my shins leaning into the fairing. Apparently, this position lends itself to minimizing the knee pain I usually experience on long rides and also minimizes a sore butt.

I had been using this set of riding over the memorial day weekend to ascertain whether I needed a custom seat or not. Now, am thinking I don't. It sounds a bit strange to you probably, but riding with my heels on the pegs and angling the toes down a bit really does help.

My guess is that it eases the geometry of my legs to take the pressure off my knees and somehow also settles my butt into the stock comfort seat to enable me longer stretches of riding!

Of course, my foot hanging in front of the pegs seems a bit ackward at times, I wonder if I can find something like these pegs for a RT? The problem would then be of course to ensure they don't get in the way of me actuating either the brake pedal or the gear lever.

Am thinking something similar to this item from

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