Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More riding in the rain and I get some new riding boots

Temps in the morning in the mid-40s to a highs in the mid-50s. Overcast in the morning and rainy in the afternoon.

Yep, another commute in the rain to get home. The rain was not as heavy as yesterday, just cold and steady. This time I put the vent flap onto the overpants and managed to get home with only a medium size wet spot in the crotch area along with a couple of small spots where the vent flap zippers onto the overpants. The ride itself was pretty uneventful, I even saw another fool out there on a motorcyle, and he was on a beemer as well! : )

I felt the rain was light enough to preclude my putting on the overpant liners, wrong again. Next time it rains, the liner is going on as well as the overpants.

The good news is I found when I got home my ebay purchase of a pair of BEAR brand boots which have a zipper on the side for easy on-off. The plan is for when the dog days of summer arrive here in Colorado, and I ready myself for the ride home in the hot sun; that I can doff the boots easily, remove work pants, put on riding overpants, re-don the boots and off I go....riding protected and cool enough for the short ride home in temps that can break 100 on a regular basis!

Though they're not motorcycling boots per se, they meet all the qualifications in that they protect the ankle area, had non-slip rubber soles, leather, and are vented. I expect my feet will get a bit wet in rain but that's not an issue for short commutes.

Then again, it may "boil down to" just riding in my workpants without the protection of overpants but at least now I can try and maintain ATGATT even in the hottest days of summer. Being a mile closer to the sun makes a difference you know!

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