Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Picking up a fallen motorcycle

Found this posting on a blog called Five Hundred Miles, points to to video on the proper technique for picking up a downed motorcycle. Saw same technique on a DVD put out by the "motorman" called "Ride like a Pro".

The clip is well worth watching if you are a rider, though he uses a mid-sized motorcycle, same technique works on a goldwing-sized motorcycle in motorman's DVD. (A DVD which I highly recommend you watch with close attention, you can probably get it from your local public library, that's what I did).

Blog Posting on Five Hundred Miles

Direct link to the youtube video.

I've used the same technique both times when Maria was down. Did not remember to put the kickstand down first when she was on her right side though, luckily there was a guy to help me hold her up while I moved around to her left side to put the sidestand down. Don't forget!

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