Friday, May 18, 2007

Maria goes over 30!

30,000 Miles that is, more below.

Temps in the mid-40s for the morning commute, rising to the mid-70s for the ride home.

I left work a bit earlier than normal today so I decided to take the really long way home, by way of Monument, CO. I took the I-25 Slab south all the way to the city of Monument. Traffic was not too bad and the weather was gorgeous! I could see dark clouds further south to the East of Colorado Springs but I was not going that far so I was not worried.

I took the Woodmor Road exit at Monument and headed down this two lane, pine forest lined road all the way till it ended at Parker Road. I continued East for about a mile and took this picture of the storm clouds, they were much darker further South but you get the idea:

I then turned back and headed North on CO83 which would lead me on a fast but uneventful ride through Franktown and on to Parker. It was quite buggy today with the warm weather and my helmet visor and Maria's windshield quickly sported the remains of several bugs. I was riding with the windshield pretty much in the lowest position to enjoy the wind and keep cool in the warm temps.

As I neared Franktown, I watched Maria's odometer click past 30,000 miles! Just in time for the valve adjustment lesson I am going to get on Sunday from a fellow Beemer rider.

The ride home was about 93 miles of so of riding, great weather, and no cager incidents. Unlike lunchtime when I went to a local computer store to get some gear and had to do hard, quick stops to avoid getting hit by idiot cagers not looking before pulling out of parking spots or driving really fast through parking lanes. Idiots. The design of the parking lot lends itself to this stupid behavior with the parking lanes going in both directions. Oh well.

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