Friday, May 25, 2007

Going to the Great Sand Dunes National Park this weekend.

Commuted all week, first couple of days were rainy days but no big deal, last couple of days were really nice and sunny and not too hot. The temps today ranged from mid-40s to low 70s!

Tomorrow, the family and I head South to The Great Sand Dunes National Park. The wife and kids will be in the minivan and I will be riding Maria, my motorcycle. I've not decided yet on the route I will take whether or not to ride in convoy with the family or take the less direct routes to the South.

The best part of the trip? It was my wife's idea! Yep, she brought it up totally on her own and threw in the motorcycle time for me. Is she special or what? : )

So, in preparation, I loaded up my Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with all my tunes for the trip down. I took her out this afternoon for about a 90 minute ride with the device in the map case attachment for my BigMak tank bag:

The wires for the headset come out the right side, and exit the bottom of the map case.

In this position, I could see the screen(while stopped)and use the media player controls to select music before I would start riding.

I did not set the screen to NOT blank since I did not intend on dinking with the media player controls while moving. The idea was to test volume output with my earplugs and ensure I could hear the music even at highways speeds. This part of the test went great. Music kept playing, could hear it just fine, heck I had to turn down the volume!

As I was derigging things when I got home, I went to take the tablet out and it was very HOT to the touch! I should have guess the sun would warm it up plenty but it was surprising to me how hot it actually got! The mounting spot I used will definitely not work when I do a review of the Navicore GPS software for the Nokia N800 tablet next month! I'll see at that point if the windshield mount will work with a motorcycle.

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