Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Giraffe is back

Sometimes, ok...most times, I take the long way back home after a day at the office. It involves taking Broncos Parkway near Centennial Airport. You take this all the way to Jordan Rd, South to Lincoln in Parker and head East where you can then get on Inspiration Drive.

Its near the end of Inspiration where I always looked for the Giraffe. He'd be my marker to tell me the turn is coming up to get on South Powhaton Rd which takes to Smoky Hill Rd and home.

At the end of winter, I'd noticed him gone. I had thought to myself, well he'd been made out of some rusty looking metal...perhaps he'd finally fallen apart.

On the commute home last week, I saw him or her? again! Back in the same spot in this guy's yard, overlooking the road traffic. I finally took a picture of the giraffe this Friday as I rode home. I am thinking the owner took it in to "refurbish" it for another year of road gazing. : )

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