Sunday, April 29, 2007

Worn Tires

Hot and Sunny Day today. Low 54 High 81.

After riding almost 300 miles yesterday, I had to be "at work" at 0355hrs today. Even though I was working from home and remoting into the office networks, I did not finish till 1100hrs. I felt tired and groggy, so no riding today.

Glad I went riding yesterday though, hate to think I had almost skipped riding yesterday since I was concerned about my tires being too worn for a long ride. A couple of co-workers and the indie mechanic that's going to mount my new tires this coming week all said I should be ok so long as it did not rain.

Took a look at the tires this morning ( I had been checking them pretty much every time I stopped yesterday) and here's what they now look like. Not much different from I recall of their appearance on Friday:

Front Tire

Rear Tire

Yep, some of the chicken strips are still there! I am not an aggresive rider by any means, I don't think I've scraped the left peg more than twice, and perhaps once on the right peg.

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