Friday, April 13, 2007

Riding the cage on Friday the 13th, two mini-epiphanies occur

Temps in the low 30s with freeing drizzle/snow sporadically falling in the Denver Metro area.

The forecast last night had been for 5-12 inches of snow for the area so I had gone to bed resigned with having to drive the cage if I had to go into to work on Friday. Woke up to no snow having fallen overnight and semi-dry roads. Looks like the jet stream had diverted the snow that had been heading our way yesterday and made it go further south. WooHoo! I think the forecasters are the only ones to have "bad luck" today in terms of their forecasting's accuracy.

However, still some snow in the forecast so I still drove the cage in to work. I can't remember the last time I drove her, so a good chance to get all seals lubricated and parts exercised. The cage is almost 18 years old after all; she's still running strong though with over 152k miles on her.

Liesl, 1987 560SL

As I drove in, all warm and comfy in the cage, listening to some inane commentary on the radio, I was reminded, by way of the first min-epiphany, of the saying I'd found on the Internet awhile back regarding the difference of riding in a cage and riding a motorcycle:

In a car, you're watching a movie unfold as you drive to your destination. On a motorcycle, you're IN the movie!

I know, not much of an epiphany for those of you who read this and ride motorcycles. However it had been such a long time since I last drove the cage that it was something that jumped out at me while I drove along with the rest of the cages. Little did the regular cagers all around my car realize the thrills and fun they were missing out on.

I went home early, using the falling snow as an excuse, not to mention I've got to work tomorrow night for a network change that is pretty high profile. The weather is supposed to be warmer tomorrow so with a bit of luck, I'll be able to ride the motorcycle in for it.

The second min-epiphany occured while I was pumping gas into the cage. The price of premium was $3.05 today (suspiciously just in time to coincide with the bad weather alerts and predictable increase in demand for gas by people) and since that's what my cage demands, I used it. Almost 18.2 gallons and $55.67 later it hit me once again how much more economical it is to ride a motorcycle than driving my cage on a regular basis! Again, not much in terms of epiphanies but life is not every exciting on days with such gloomy weather.

Snowing quite steadily as I write this, still not sticking to the roads though. I will not be heartbroken if even the updated forecast for about 2 inches of snow proves to be wrong. It sure looks pretty bad on the radar but who knows?

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