Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Ride on Easter after some light snow showers.

Temps ranging from 33 to 37, with overcast skies and snow showers occurring throughout the day.

I woke to light snow falling but failing to stick anywhere but on the lawn and cars parked outside. If you imagine "fat" rain then you have an image of the stuff that fell steadily throughout most of the day.

My loving wife cooked an awesome Easter lunch after which I resumed my weather watching. By 4pm I had gone through the latest issue of the BMW Owners News magazine and the light snow/rain mix had stopped finally and the neighborhood streets looked llike they were pretty dry. I geared up and went out for a short ride.

I took the Nokia Internet tablet along in case I saw some wifi location. I went and explored some nearby roads to see where they led. All ended up in deadends so I decided to head South towards Parker via the Inspiration Rd back way.

I skirted the West outskirts of Parker and finally wound up on it's main drag: Parker Road via Canterbury Way. I headed North till it crossed Mainstreet and I was able to compare my onboard thermometer reading of 48 degrees to the corner banks reading of 37 degrees. About ten degrees difference as usual.

Stll heading North on Parker, I turned East when I got to Arapahoe road and turned into the mall located there. I wanted to try the wifi which I thought all Borders bookstores provided. I didn't bother getting off the motorcycle, took out the tablet and though I found a couple of 'open' wifi networks, neither got me on the Net.

I got back onto Arapahoe road and turned North on Picadilly Rd. Once I got to Smoky Hill Road I headed west towards the public library near my house. The library was closed but while sitting outside the library's front entrance, I was able to get a weak signal from their wifi network. Logged onto gmail and sent a quick email to my wife. I was also able to stream some internet radio music on the tablet.

So, after this second brief period of geekiness, I rode on home. Almost 50 miles of riding so it was a short but satisfying ride after not having been able to ride in the past two days. I typed this entry using the tablet's virtual keyboard and though slow, it's typeahead feature helped a lot.

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