Monday, April 02, 2007

A short ride in the plains after work

Temps in the mid to upper 60s and sunny, slight wind gusts.

A beautiful day for riding today, I left about an hour earlier than usual from work and after dropping off my Joe Rocket Alter Ego Overpants for zipper repair, headed out East on Quincy Road and out of town.

The map below shows the route I took on a whim, taking CR 30 which is also Quincy Road till it ends at CR137. I'd been here before and thought there was paved roads all the way south to Kiowa. So I headed South on CR137 but shortly afterwards ran out of pavement where 137 becomes 53. Oh well, I did not have the time or inclination to creep along the 16 miles of dirt road all the way to Kiowa so I turned back and this time headed North on CR137.

This as you can see took me across I-70 and into the town of Bennett, I believe this is where the "Eastern Peaks of Colorado" Ride would have dumped us onto I-70 on Saturday. So from Bennett I was now headed West on US36 which lead me after about ten miles or so to the town of Watkins which is an exit on I-70. I crossed over the superslab once again, this time headed South on Watkins Road.

All these roads were pretty much straight and smooth, no curves, no real excitement. These are the kinds of roads once cruises on just to look at the distant horizons, the grassy plains with the occasional cattle and ranches, and just think about things. Did I have any deep thoughts, not today, just wandering.

Watkins Road dumped me back onto CR30, aka Quincy Road, which I took heading West back to where I started: the intersection of Quincy and Tower Roads. I got home shortly afterwards and washed the bugs off my helmet and the front of Maria. Spring is definitely here, the bugs were out and reminded me to raise the windshield or live with bug guts on my visor! : )

A short ride, less than 2 hours and about 67 miles total. Weather was perfect.


Neil J said...

I have a motorbike and love riding!

Keep it up man!

Charlie6 said...

Cheers Neil...

I wish you safe riding...