Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Worn tires and heavy Rain = no riding

Temps in the low to mid 30s. Rain turning to snow.

0900hrs: Writing this from work, I woke up to this radar picture and rode the cage in. The Denver metro area is not used to rain really and when we get the heavy rains, streets flood, water collects, stupid cagers get even stupider.

As mentioned previously, I need new tires and while they're OK for dry roads until the new ones get here, they're probably not OK for wet roads with a tendency to collect water into nice hydroplaning enabling stretches of road.

The blue stuff is snow, yes...snow. Friend of mine who lives in Parker, which is south of where I live reports snow is sticking to both roads and ground. Just saw some snowflakes drift down here at work. I love springtime in Colorado. Sigh.

1600hrs Update:

It's been snowing now pretty steadily since about 1400hrs or so in my neighborhood, glad I drove home when I did, having to only content with wet roads with just small amounts of ice/snow starting to form as I neared home.

Now it looks like this, did I mention I love Spring in Colorado? : )

Maria looks out at the snow, happy to be inside

The view from the front window....

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