Thursday, April 12, 2007

Riding home as the snow begins to fall

Temps around 34 degrees during the morning commute, below 32 and freezing at 1230.

The radar picture looked kind of bleak around 1230 so I decided to leave work and run for home as I'd ridden the motorcycle to work today. The skies had been clear and sunny on the ride in and the winter storm warning put out by the weather folks was not due to kick in till midnight.

Well, the snow started arriving at 1235 as I stood at my work parking lot donning my riding gear. Just small flakes, few and far between. This condition did not last long, pretty soon there was plenty of small snowflakes coming down as I took the quickest way home which was West on Arapahoe Road. Streets started looking wet about halfway home and once I got near my neighborhood I started seeing shiny spots on the roads. I avoided these thinking that perhaps they were sense taking chances.

Slowed way down, so of course the cager behind me decided to tailgate me for the last 1/2 mile or so till I turned off into my neighborhood and she went on ahead. Dumbass.

The tires on Maria felt a bit squirrely towards the end of the road, perhaps its just her present behavior given that I think I'll need to replace her tires in June before my planned ride to Wisconsin and the BMWMOA National Rally. Yes, I have been checking for evidence of wear bars, none so far. Or perhaps ice was beginning to form and I had left work just in time! Got home around 1305 with no incidents and a slight wet motorcycle. As I type this the radar picture looks like this.

The snow appears to have stopped and everything is just wet. Trouble is, it's below freezing in terms of temps, prime conditions for ice to form. The forecast for tomorrow is between 5-12 inches for the area, snowblower is standing by to carve a path out for the motorcycle so that I can maybe ride by Sunday.

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