Friday, April 27, 2007

A Ride to the Odd-Shaped Bank in Englewood

Temps from mid-40s to high 60s. Gorgeously sunny with little to no clouds.

Took off from work at around 1430 since I had to go back in tonight for yet another network change. Cruised on down from the DTC to Arapahoe Road which I took westbound till it deadends on Broadway Blvd. I took it North towards Hampden where I had spotted a weird shaped white building on the SW corner of the intersection of Broadway and Hampden. I wanted to take a picture of it for the blog and find out what was there.

Well it turns out to be a bank! Not what I was expecting. It's one of the branches for Colorado Bank of Choice. I can't decide what shape the building is, at first I thought onion shaped:

View from the back of the building

Then I parked Maria in front and it's more like a donut with a section cut off, don't you think so?

The front side of the building.

Kinda weird huh? Here's a shot of it from google maps:

I found on Google a blog saying that the same guy that designed the "flying saucer house" or "sculptured house" from the movie Sleeper, Charles Deaton, designed this weird shaped bank building as well.

Want more pics? Google: "charles deaton englewood colorado bank"

Since I was nearby to the indie mechanic, I gave him a call and found the tires still had not been delivered; and since he does not work weekends, it'll be Monday at the earliest before Maria gets her new tires.

Two of the guys at work, and later the indie mechanic confirmed that I still enough thread for dry roads so at least I'll be able to ride this weekend. The weather is supposed to be pretty good with a high of 80 on Sunday!

After taking the pictures, I headed over to US 85, aka Santa Fe Road and took it South, going past where it intersects with the C-470 superslab. Went past the slab and on a whim I took a left on Highlands Ranch Parkway. Highlands Ranch is a large community of above median price homes South of the Denver Metro Area. The parkway headed East and I found it to be a pretty good alternative to using the C-470 slab to get back towards the east.

I tanked up at a Conoco when I realized I was down to one bar on the gas gauge! 5 Gallons at $3.21 each later, I was once again heading East on the parkway. I found it becomes Colorado Blvd shortly after that gas station and turns North, goes over the 470 slab and allows one to get on County Line Road.

Headed East on County Line Rd, past the Park Meadows Mall area, onto Inverness Drive and back onto Arapahoe. I stopped by the Home Depot near Southland Malls and bought some shelf liner material that is anti-slip.

When I got home I put some of it on the rear half of the seat on Maria to see if it helps with preventing me sliding forward and putting unwanted pressure on the old knees both when riding and when coming to a stop.

Had dinner, went in for the network change at 1900. The anti-slip material does seem to help with keeping me on the seat where I want to be, we'll see how it works out in the long run. The change went pretty well, some stuff to fix this coming week but the customer was happy and we caused no impact. I guess I can't really ask for much more than that given the last couple of major changes I've been a part of that did not go so well. Perhaps my luck is turning.

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