Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Doing a better job on Cornering

The weather has cooperated so far this week and I've been able to ride my motorcycle to and from work. Coldest so far has been about 31 degrees in the morning and the warmest was 60 degrees on Tuesday. Yesterday was a bit windy but nothing of consequence.

The commutes themselves have been without incidence and isn't that the kind of commutes one wants when on a motorcycle and invisible to the cagers?

I tried this week shifting all the way down to first gear when taking a turn, it seems to help with not only slowing oneself down in the beginning of the curve and I find if I do it right I got lots of torque/revs to use to power out of the turn as well. Still working on the right combination of friction zone, braking and rpm's but I am getting the hang of it!

Sure, the motorcycle has plenty of torque if I leave it in second gear but I like the ability to power out of the turn better now; not only that but less chance of lugging the engine. More practice is of course required.

Out of the blue I received an email from the blogger who runs where he offered to link to my blog whenever a motorcycling entry was posted. This was both unexpected and gratifying. Sure, it was great that MBI had accepted me but for an unsolicited offer to come in, that's great! Thanks James!

I've got to go in to work tonight for a set of network changes I am helping with, I am hoping the nice weather we had today holds out until after I get home from the change since I am planning to ride in.

Next couple of days look pretty bad for riding, Thursday might be doable but Friday really does not look good. The weather guys are hyping it up of course, saying between 6-12 inches for the Denver Metro area. I may be breaking out the snow blower again and creating a way out for my motorcycle!

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