Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Snow is gone, rode to work

Temps ranging from mid-30s to mid 40s. Sunny with occasional cloudiness and showers.

Woke up to find the neighbors had carved several tracks in the culdesac on their way to work. The snow that had fallen all day yesterday was melting already and it was quite easy to push it aside to carve a path out for Maria all the way to the entrance of the culdesac. Once my wife and I finished clearing the driveway I settled in to work a few hours remotely to let the snow melt some more.

By 1100hrs most of the snow if off the pavement

Around 1100, the sun came out in force and I could see dry spots developing not only on the culdesac and driveway but on the roads themselves. I geared up, and went to work, getting there shortly before 1200. The roads in suburbia were wet but highly navigable, once I got on Parker Road southbound from Orchard Rd the road was completely dry all the way to work.

Kind of nice going in so late, traffic was light, roads were dry, and it was not very cold at all. I even lowered the windshield all the way to enjoy the cool breeze on the ride in.

After work I got home around 1630 and in about 30 minutes did my second oil change on Maria. Yep, it's been 3033 miles since the last oil change on March 10, 2007 so she was due. I try to do oil changes every 3000 miles on my cars so am adopting same schedule for the motorcycle. I think the recommended interval from BMW is 6000 miles.

Maria will be due her 30,000 mile service in about 1500 miles or so. I plan to replace all the fluids, check her valve clearances, and whatever else needs to be checked/looked at per the BMW checklist. I believe she's due a fuel filter replacement at this time but will hold off and do that in November when she's due for her annual brake bleeding/fluid replacement.

I think I can work in the 1500 miles or so before her 30000 mile service before the big trip to the BMWMOA National Rally in West Bend, WI. Just shy of 1200 miles to get there. My family will be flying out and I will ride out. My wife's family is from Wisconsin so it works for all of us to go there.

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