Thursday, April 19, 2007

Maria appears on!

Not sure why I find this so pleasing but, a site that specializes in listing interesting/unusual/weird tourist attractions and sites, deigned to publish my entry which tells of the Buffalo Bill Museum on top of Lookout Mountain!

The website itself is a great collection of sites, collected from all over, that might peak your interest and get you to ride out to take a look for yourself. You might be surprised what you find near you! I know it's helped plus up my list of ride destination candidates.

Here's the entry that I submitted, and which got Maria's picture on their website:

Lookout Mountain - Golden, Colorado - Buffalo Bill's Grave and Museum
At the top of Lookout Mountain is the site for the Buffalo Bill Museum and his gravesite. The road leading up the mountain is part of the Colorado "Lariat Loop" scenic roadway.
[Dom Chang, 04/01/2007]

Link to ride that produced this picture, which roadsideamerica used.

The full posting with information on the museum is found on the site by searching for "buffalo bill" and "colorado". I encourage you to visit and ride out to the destinations you find interesting. If you know of some cool/interesting/weird location, let them know....get Your motorcycle on their site.

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