Sunday, January 08, 2023

Uraling with the Z's to Dripping Springs

 Today, all three of us: Lori, Chris and I rode over to the somewhat nearby location called Dripping Spring.  Chris was on his TW and Lori joined me on Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol.

photo courtesy of Lori Z.

After a seriously bumpy ride at times, we made it to the Dripping Spring only to find them dry, no water.

The Dripping Spring...such as it is, must be seasonal

Looking over at Lori and the motorcycles

Lori and Chris, at the sorriest excuse for a dam I've
seen yet.

photo courtesy of Lori Z.

photo courtesy of Lori Z.

Lori flew her drone as well for some footage:

As we headed back, we had to stop when I noticed the right side support arm mount on the windshield on Scarlett had broken off:

photo courtesy of Lori Z.

I had failed to remove the windshield, underestimating the roughness of the trail to Dripping Springs.  My fault.  Hopefully, I can buy a replacement mount from the manufacturer.  We strapped it down on top of Scarlett's spare tire rack and off we rode.

Further along the way back to camp, Lori reported a metallic clunking noise seemingly coming from the sidecar wheel area.  After finding a good spot to stop, a quick look found that the final drive portion of the sidecar's driveshaft had fallen off!  

We'd driven for at least 2 perhaps 3 miles this way with no seeming effect on Scarlett's ability to move.

I returned to camp with Lori, while Chris returned back along our route to search for the missing assembly.  Once Lori was safe back at camp, I got on my own TW to help search.

I'd gone a bit past the recreation area boundary when I saw the silver pickup truck that we'd met up with at Dripping Springs.  He started honking his horn as I passed; and I turned around to go talk to him.

Travis was the driver's name, and he'd found the drive shaft fork assembly!  He stepped out of his truck holding the item and I thanked him profusely of course.

Today's hero: Travis

We called Chris Z. to tell him to return and we both returned to camp for some rest.

I did do a short hike, my hip was locking up slightly, to the nearby pond created by the Hot Well spring:

So, really, a good day of riding, some fun, some damage but I believe easily fixable with some hardware from the local hardware store.  The mount for the windshield may be a little trickier but we'll see once I hear back from National Cycle.


CCjon said...

Nice ride, but how did the sidecar driveshaft fall off???? bolts sheared off, stripped hole threads, forgot to tighten something, what???? Was that on the bike side or the sidecar wheel side?

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, it was on the tug side of the side car drive shaft where it came off. I have not taken a very close look at the final drive yet but I don't think the bolts sheared off... but that they losened and worked themselves off and of course the assembly itself then falls off. I have had it happen before but had caught it before the assembly came off at the final drive. I suspect it was my failure to check the bolts prior to the ride, the usage of two-wheel drive mode and the really rough rocky terrain; that were all factors this time. I'm hoping replacement bolts/pins are all that's needed, Plus a replacement rubber cover where the splines meet on the drive shaft.

redlegsrides said...

added drone video footage