Saturday, January 07, 2023

Some more Drone Flying, Yagi's Starter Issues fixed, then some sand dune T-Dubing

 Yesterday, January 6

Part of the morning was spent helping Lori Z. figure out how to enable the tracking features of her drone.  We ended up going to a nearby open area to fine tune things as you'll see in the below video:

video courtesy of Lori Z.

The process took a bit of time but I'm sure you'll agree the results were worth it!

After lunch, I got notified by Amazon that the relay and other items had arrived at the Amazon Locker in Safford, AZ.  I geared up and rode Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol the 32 miles to town and retrieved everything I'd ordered; to include the replacement starter relay for the TW200.

Made a run at the local Ace Hardware store as well for some supplies then headed back to Hot Well Dunes.

Of course I immediately fitted the new relay and was disappointed to find it also just made buzzing noises when one pressed the starter button!  Chris and I did more diagnosing, to include running power directly to the TW's starter using jumper cables, nothing!  It was getting dark so we decided to wait till tomorrow to take apart the starter to see if anything was amiss.

Starter relays
new one on the right

We had a lovely dinner in the VRRV, with prime rib courtesy of my loving wife Martha's culinary preparations prior to the camping trip's start.  I learned from the Z's the trick of sprinkling the meat with a bit of water before heating it in the microwave. It came out almost perfect!

Today, January 7

In the morning, after installing metal plate extensions for the fog lights on the front cargo rack, it was time for Chris and I to take out the starter from the TW and take it apart.

Hopefully, no more damage by the TW's
tires as it's loaded/unloaded

Sorry, no pics of the starter's innards, it wasn't that complicated a process and we found nothing untoward inside.  So everything was put back together after some cleaning, tested before installing and still, a buzzing noise when Chris pressed the starter button!  Dammit.

Then Chris suggested doing further cleaning of the positive battery terminal and connections (I might have been too lavish with the corrosion prevention spray as well).  Reconnected everything and the TW started right up!  I couldn't believe it, a little bit of corrosion was stopping us?  

Chris believes something might have been amiss inside the starter as well and our taking it apart and cleaning things might have helped as well.  At this point, I'll take the results!

After lunch, Chris and I rode out into the dunes and meandered up and down, all around the area near where the small rock ledge with the cross was located.  The cross is gone by the way, we couldn't find it.

I had Chris lead from there and he had a grand old time running up dunes (I got stuck on one), winding our way in and around dunes and vegetation.  I was riding slower and more cautious than Chris who is actually rather good.  

photo first, then help push the bike....
photo courtesy of Chris Z.

Good as he was though, he did manage to have some minor falls in the deep sand portions of the "trails".

Some more wandering about trying to head back to camp, we managed to locate the drainage pond for the hot spring:

We made it back shortly after the above pic was taken, we turned out to be not far from our campsites at this point!  We'll go out some more I'm sure and I'll try to stop more for pics the next time.

The TW's starter worked each and every time while we were out, so am very happy and grateful to Chris Z. for his help with it.  I had been resigned to taking the TW to a shop in Tucson in the near future to have them look at it.

Dinner was once again in the VRRV, and we finished off the last of the delicious prime rib courtesy of "La Martha".  It was yummy to the last and then some Caramel Moonshine for me and Cinnamon Whiskey for the Z's rounded out the evening.


Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Nice job on the video Dom! The view of you two and of the surrounding 'world' delightful. As I've said, the Mavic is a great drone. I was worried once when you turned into camp that the tree would cause a rougher transition but they aren't as close as they appear to obstacles. Lori's drone has great Avoidance, my new one does not and that's why mine does not do Follow Me mode. I'll have to charge up my Spark and relearn that one. Between power lines and trees, how and where I use Follow requires some planning and forethought. I'm too often short on forethought.

Enjoyed this, let us know when you start flying your own! ;)

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...


My TW200's started quit working long ago but since I have a nice kick starter, I've allowed that to continue, choosing to spend the funds on tires and gasoline instead. As an older '92 model, I have that choice. Whichever issue was yours, glad you have it spinning again!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Coop for the comments and feedback. Hopefully the starter will remain working for a long time to come. If not it can be easily replaced once I secure a different one. I was not going to try and push start it on sand, probably would have had a heart attack.

SonjaM said...
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SonjaM said...

Another very professional looking drone vid. Great interaction between your turns and the drone following.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks SonjaM....most of the credit goes to Lori of course.