Saturday, January 21, 2023

A Couple of Slow Days

 Friday, January 20

Windy and cold conditions kept us in our respective RVs to stay warm.

In the afternoon, it was still chilly but the sun was out so I wandered over to a nearby rocky hill:

A view of our campsite from the top of the closest hill

Rock formations I found while wandering...

Sadly, someone decided their half-assed effort of remembering someone dear to them (apparently), was to spray graffiti over one of the large boulders:

Saturday, January 21

Sunny and warmer due to lack of windy conditions.  It barely reached 50 degrees Fahrenheit at its warmest but the sun and clear skies had all three of us lazily basking in the sun's warmth.

I did take a short walk up to the nearby rocks and tried to find some interesting rocks but none really turned out.  I did manage to find a somewhat OK angle to do a selfie:

Not much else to report besides the absorption of the sun's welcome warmth.  Chris Z. went for a short ride on his T-Dub and I think Lori did some Yoga while I was wandering about the hilltop rocks.

In the late afternoon, Chris and I discussed further reinforcement work for the trailer.  I need to procure some angle iron first, along with appropriate fasteners to hopefully strengthen the rear third of the trailer's platform.


RichardM said...

Those rocks didn't look that large from your campsite. Really nice location though we would high-center trying to into that site. We don't have that much ground clearance.

redlegsrides said...

The entrance is a bit tricky to be sure.