Saturday, January 14, 2023

Easy Day

 Today's sunrise was OK, not sure it was worth standing on the roof of the VRRV with the camera on a tripod for the long exposure shots.

The morning was spent basically hanging out by the VRRV, not doing much of anything.  I did manage to "even out" the saddlebags on Yagi, my TW200, as the left side had been a little lower than the right side bag.

The place was swarming with weekenders with their ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes and the like.  Roaring around the recreation area, heedless of speed limits on the access road far as I could tell.

After lunch I joined Chris and Lori Z. at the cement pods for an hour or so of soaking in pretty hot water.  Chris had once again borrowed the use of Yagi while Lori rode their TW200.  Lori got stung by a bee but no medical issues arose besides the pain involved.  Apparently, the bees were attracted by the scent of their sun protection spray!

I was quite surprised that we had one of the cement ponds all to ourselves the whole time.  The other cement pond was empty the whole time we were there with a family of three showing up to use it as we left.

The Z's rode back to their campsite, and I took Scarlett, my 2014 Patrol for a short ride under 2WD to the vista site for a pic:

I left the area soon after the shot above, several UTVs/OHVs were nearing and I didn't want to be anywhere near them as they roared around the dunes at speed.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lying in the sun's warmth, listening to an audio book.  Not much else to report, we're expecting rainy and windy weather the next couple of days or so.


RichardM said...

So no roaring around the dunes at speed in the Ural?

Sounds like a good day…

redlegsrides said...

Roaring at Speed and Ural are usually not associated words when I am involved.