Monday, January 09, 2023

Finding the Cross, A Sunset and a Sunset Rider

 A pretty mellow day today.

Lots of relaxation went on after yesterday's excitement!

I did a short ride with Yagi, my TW200, intending only to pose her near the small erosion walls.  Instead I also managed to find the spot where the cross is located as well!

In the afternoon, after naps all around, the Z's went to the "cement pond" for a soak.  I went for a short hike.

As sunset approached and we all returned to camp, I shot a short video of Lori Z. coming out of the sunset.  I liked the way the dust cloud framed her and the motorcycle:

The sunset itself wasn't too shabby either:


CCjon said...

Agreed, the sunset video was great.

Blaze Our Way said...

First image with Yagi and snow caps in the background is awesome! Very nice capture of the sunset. And love the music accompanying my ride in the sunset. ☺️

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the feedback CCjon, it was pure luck.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks, Blaze Our Way, for the feedback and for doing the riding.