Saturday, January 28, 2023

Another Visit from the Machidas at the Dragoon Mountains

A pretty good day today, it would have been perfect but for the occasional winds which brought about some chilling effects.

I spent part of the morning working some more on reinforcing the trailer, got a 1x1" steel angle iron next to a support cross frame to help support the Ural Patrol, with some help from Lori Z., a big hammer and a rotary cutting tool.

I may end up putting additional plating where you see the
break but the angle iron I installed above should suffice

Then, we discovered the left side support which holds the suspension to the frame had cracked.  Not good, but the solution could be quite simple:

The consensus is to install a bolt in the T-Channel
shown above, to secure the suspension mechanism
to the platform where the welds have broken

Around the time we were getting around to installing the bolt to secure the separated section back onto the platform of the trailer, the Machidas showed up and it was time for lunch and some visiting.

After lunch, Chris Z, Bridget and I piled into her Jeep and we drove the five miles to Council Rocks to check things out.

We found the site with no issues and we wandered about, both Bridget and Chris spending some time with the petroglyphs.  I didn't take a lot of pics of the petroglyphs as I've been here before: link


Bridget, replicating a pose by her grandmother
when she went camping back in the day

We returned to camp and chatted some more, as the evening approached and things started cooling down; the Machidas left for Benson and we settled in for dinner in the VRRV.

photo courtesy of BridgetM


SonjaM said...

The petroglyph is rather interesting, alien, monster or god(dess)? Who knows...

redlegsrides said...

I don't believe we'll ever know for certain, SonjaM....

Bridget Machida said...

It was a great day!

redlegsrides said...

A great day indeed Bridget...thanks to you and Richard for lunch! again!