Thursday, June 30, 2022

Do Nothing Days and an Early Departure

Wednesday, June 29

Needed a full day of basically laying about to recover from yesterday's driving.

I did do some light riding on Yagi, the TW200, to fully explore the motorable sections of this COE campground.  Not much to report, both RV loops have good views of the lake, the tent loop was OK as well.  

Wandering down a "Nature Walk", found a dirt road which led to this barn:

Here's how the campsite looked like in the daytime:

Sitting in one's lounge chair, reading and relaxing, one becomes just another mostly unmoving feature of the grounds to the local fauna.  I was able to use the zoom feature on the Nikon Coolpix S9900 I got from CCjon with some success.

Thursday, June 30

Another do nothing day, not even any riding.  The campground however is filling up and we've decided to displace tomorrow and hopefully able to drive the whole 487 miles that separate us from home.

Not much else to report on or take pictures of.  The lake turns out to have an active algae bloom and there's an online warning about swimming in it.  Not prohibited but not recommended either!

So, now in the afternoon, we're flanked by campers here for the long weekend, no swimming, dogs barking and someone playing the radio outside, it's time to leave early.  For whatever reason, the A loop is full but the B loop is mostly empty!

Martha has some allergy reactions going on as well, so she's happy we're leaving two days ahead of schedule.

It'll be good to be home for a bit, this trip hasn't been the greatest.


RichardM said...

That’s a pretty impressive stone barn. Is it a reconstruction using old materials or new materials. Kind of hard to tell from the sign. A 500 mile travel day. But, it is the last one.

CCjon said...

Glad to see you are putting that camera through its paces. It appears from what I am seeing now, the color saturation in much higher now than what your other camera gave. Maybe check the menu settings, it might be on HDR, or vivid color.

Smart move to get out of there before the crazies show up with more dogs, rap music and 24/7 fireworks.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, pretty sure original stone wasn't used but like you said, not clear.

CCjon, I believe it is set to to fleeing before the rowdy amateurs, you're quite right. There was dog barking noise during our last night there and we were glad to depart.