Friday, June 03, 2022

Buffalo in the campground and a visit to the Visitor Center

 A short ride this morning, to check out an overlook that we'd skipped yesterday.  On the way, and just barely out of the campground, Martha spotted a Buffalo (technically, a Bison):

We checked out a trailhead and there were two Bison just hanging out nearby:

At the Wind Canyon Overlook, you can see good views of the Little Missouri River which spans the park.

As it was getting close to lunch time by then, we headed on back to the campground.  As we neared our loop, Martha spotted a Bison near the community bathroom building.  She went on to start lunch, and I stalked the Bison for a bit, waiting for a chance to take a picture with the 200 mm telephoto lens.

The Bison above was accompanied by a friend, he was hanging out at the other outhouse building:

After lunch it was quiet resting/napping in the lounge chairs at the campsite till about 4 PM when we rode to the visitor's center to be educated.

A short film and some perusal of photographs and displays related to Theodore Roosevelt, we ended the tour with a quick look at his cabin.  It's been relocated from the Elkhorn Unit of the park and gives one a nice idea of how the young Roosevelt lived when visiting his ranch.

As a young man in his 20's

Leaving the visitors center at 5PM, we wandered on back to camp but stopped at the overlooks for a look.  Here's a view of I-94:

View of the Badlands from same viewpoint above:

In case you've ever wondered the difference:


CCjon said...

Bison are like zebras, they take to domestication. Prefer staying wild. Recent story in the news of an Ohio lady was gored and killed by a Yellowstone bison.

Wonder why yours like hanging around the facilities??? Hand outs?

Am enjoying your trip

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, no idea why they are hanging out at the facilities, I would like to think there have not been stupid people feeding the bison.

SonjaM said...

Coming so close to a bison, or the other way round is a privilege to be taken with great care. I was always impressed this animal when I had the chance to watch one from afar but I wouldn't dare go close.

redlegsrides said...

I was at maximum magnification via the 200mm telephoto SonjaM....still was close enough to be quite wary.

Oz said...

Bison are so majestic. I love seeing them in the "wild." People think they are slow and/or docile but they are like some people I know - unpredictable and loners :)

redlegsrides said...

Those loners are the worst, Oz!