Sunday, March 02, 2008

What the motorcycling weather gods give, they take away

Temperatures in the mid 20s all day. Snow, wind, slush.

Well, the motorcycling weather gods gave us here in Colorado an incredibly gorgeous riding day yesterday. Today, they took it all back and gave us the forecasted snow. Dang.

I woke up to snow flurries being blown by some strong winds from the North, my house sits at the center of the cul-de-sac. Picture a funnel, well we're at the bottom of said funnel! Snow tends to build up on my property more than my neighbors.

Spent a few hours with the snow thrower but barely have a path cleared using the sidewalks of the King Canute Path. At 5PM there's still a little bit of snow falling and the stuff on the ground is starting to freeze. Should be really icy conditions for tomorrow's commute which unfortunately will have to be in the cage for me. I am not looking forward to it, bigwig coming to talk so no working from home tomorrow.

The main roads are wet and slushy, this snow is wet and chokes my snow thrower every few feet if I am lucky.

The "good news" is that it's slushy and melting at the present 27F° outside. The "bad news" is that it'll be a skating rink tomorrow morning I fear. However, it's supposed to get up to 40F° and sunny tomorrow so perhaps a short ride in the afternoon after I get back from work.

Here's a capture of the radar picture provided by, this mess moved NW to SE through the day.

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irondad said...

At least you have some clear variety. We just get mostly rain all winter. With the occasional freezing rain or freezing fog to keep us from getting totally bored.

Oh wait, at least I get to ride almost every day. What am I complaining about?