Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cheapo Topcase for Maria Redux

I ordered a couple of days ago this trunk from JCWhitney. It's the same one that I'd posted about before: LINK.

I've been dithering about getting a topcase or trunk for a few weeks now, and while I had found something similar with reportedly better build qualities, it was also in the end about $100 more and I just don't see the ROI given what little gain I expect to get from having a topcase again.

What made the decision for me, cheap as I am at times, was finding a posting on the COG owners discussion forum where the poster mentioned the special item# you could use to get the large topcase that I got for about $56 shipped! If you just search using the word "trunk" on the JC Whitney site, you get a listing for same item but for $64.99 before shipping!

Here's the magic item # in case you're interested, just plug it in to the search bar on the JC Whitney site and you'll get the better pricing of 49.99 AFTER you go to checkout with the item listed at $64.99.

ZXE277022 - the E is what makes it special. No idea how long it'll last this way, so don't delay.

Yep, follow me closely here, it'll list in the initial screens for $64.99 but as soon as you enter your credit card and before you do the order, it'll go down to $49.99! The rest of the cost was shipping via USPS.

So yeah, you get what you pay quality is OK at best. The lock failed me before but I plan to upgrade it with a better lock from an online source for cam locks. The Universal Mount takes a some doing to get it right on my Maria but unless you look real close, it's not a problem. I had been happy with the previous trunk, and with the experience I gained from it and the great customer service JC Whitney displayed in terms of taking it back makes me feel pretty safe in this cheap storage farkle purchase.

As usual disclaimer: No, I don't get a cut from JC Whitney, just passing along what I believe to be a fair bargain for a cheap motorcycle trunk. YMMV, do your research before you buy...yada yada yada. Caveat Emptor and all that. You don't like it after you buy it? Send it back since they've a 3 month no questions asked policy. All you're out then is shipping costs.

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