Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Victims of Public Education

The way I figure it, there's probably more than four victims of public education involved with this debacle in the Colorado Department of Transportation or CDOT. First, the shlub who made the sign, second the guy who prepped it for shipment and last but am sure not least, the minimum of two guys it took to install it.

Come on people, do you pay attention to what you're doing?

I'd be embarrassed at the very least!

Here's the article from 9news.com:

JEFFERSON COUNTY – The Colorado Department of Transportation plans to hang a piece of cloth over a road sign with a misspelling on it until they can get it fixed.

CDOT manufactured the sign that reads "Lookout Mountian" (instead of "Lookout Mountain") with an arrow pointing toward exit 256 from westbound I-70.

The sign was hung by a contractor on Tuesday morning.

CDOT has ordered a patch to cover the misspelled word with the correct one and it will be on the sign by Wednesday.

The cost to make and put up the sign is about $1,000.


Conchscooter said...

That was another of those jobs I always wanted- road sign maker or movie trailer maker. Speling no objecct.

irondad said...

Come on, Conch, how ya goin' be a sign maker in Key West when ya don't speak Spanish!