Monday, March 17, 2008

The Motorcycling Weather Gods smiled upon Denver today

The weather guy looked almost disappointed this morning as they confirmed what I saw when I got up this morning. Though wet, the neighborhood streets were clear of snow! There was barely an inch accumulation on the grassy areas, but that was it. The major snow storm and 4-12 inches of snow predicted missed us! Hah!

It started flurrying a little bit and I had a moment of unease about riding off to work at 0810 or so. But I went ahead and had no issues. Yep, roads were wet but not by a lot, not even a lot of road spray from the cagers. I did take main roads to work since the secondary roads I usually take might be in more "iffy" conditions.

It flurried, lightly, on and off most of the morning. After lunch I rode down to the other datacenter I sometimes work at and did not leave there till after 4pm. The sun had come out while I was there and it was gorgeous riding all the way home. Dry roads, mostly, temperatures in the mid-40s and sunny! Heck, I even saw another rider on the way home!

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Mr. Motorcycle said...

You suck! Just kidding, though I am a bit jealous. It snowed in Minnesota too, and I have not been so lucky. They are talking about snow for the rest of the week and my bike is in pieces, 'cause I'm doing yet another custom paint job, etc. I've written about my woes in my blog, if you wanna hear more whinin.

Anyway, good luck with the weather where your at. Wish I was riding too. I'm soooo jealous.

Mr. Motorcycle