Thursday, March 20, 2008

Signs of Spring

Temperatures from high 40s to mid 60s as I write this. Beautiful riding conditions here in Colorado.

The first day of Spring today, and what a great day to ride to work.

As I walked between buildings before lunch, I chanced to see what is surely a sign that Spring is finally here. Yep, the presence of more motorcycles in the parking lot. Maria and one other motorcycle have been alone in the parking lot most of the winter, with the occasional appearance of a BMW LT Touring motorcycle. Mostly, it's just Maria and this Honda Shadow VLX:

Honda Shadow VLX

I've not talked to the owner of this VLX, saw him heading out the other afternoon though, typical cruiser rider, not much in terms of ATGATT, definitely no helmet. Oh well, at least he rides. The only times I rode and he did not was after snow storms and such.

I mentioned other bikes, such a gorgeous day and I only saw two:

Honda Shadow Sabre

A 1200 GS next to my Maria, the GS was quite clean and shiny

Sorry about the picture quality, the camera on my phone pretty much sucks. Two more motorcycles did show up later in the afternoon, the LT I mentioned before and one of those big TR3 8 cylinder cruisers.

To make up for the above poor picture quality, here's a shot with my regular camera of a couple of the golfballs at Buckley AFB with the Rockies in the background. Taken this morning during my commute in to work.

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