Monday, March 03, 2008

Deer Double-take

Temperatures in the low to mid 40s during the ride. Sunny.

I woke before dawn to a neighborhood covered with frozen snow. No choice to work from home today, the company's new CIO was in town for his talk. I caged it in and was I glad I did. I must have hit several instances of just solid sheets of ice on the main roads to work! There were spots where if I or any cager around me had even tapped their brakes, he would have spun out and probably hit me! I was glad to get to work in one piece. Those were some icy conditions in the hour before full sunrise! It wasn't just occasional patches of snow, I am talking stretches of road, some perhaps 1/4 to 1/2 miles long.

In the typical Colorado fashion I've come to love, the sun came out, the temperature soared into the 20s and the snow just melted/evaporated while I listened with my coworkers to the CIO deliver his spiel. He did a pretty good job, sounded confident, like he knew what he was doing ... heck, he had me (as a contractor)wanting to be part of this vision!

We were done at noon and I saw the roads were bone dry, any remaining snow was on the grassy areas. I was glad, since that meant a ride when I got home.

I got home by 1530hrs and by 1545hrs I was riding out of the cul-de-sac. Maria and I took the county roads Southwards, ended up at near Parker where I thought I spotted some deer to my right as I rode by. I did a double-take and saw at the last second they were just bronze statues! I turned around and positioned Maria for a shot with the "herd".

After saying goodbye to the deer, I made my way north on Parker Road, through the center of the town of Parker, then taking the Inspiration Drive back roads back to my home turf. I detoured north a tiny bit to take in road conditions on Gun Club Road. Finally, after 45 miles of riding and about an hour in the saddle, was back home. Nice ride.

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irondad said...

That is a cool picture of the bike and the deer! Nobody can blame you for not riding in the ice. Probably quite wise not to, in fact. Unless you're an ego driven freak like me!