Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Added Third LED Brake Light to Maria

The 16 LED Module from Hyperlites arrived today, installation was easy since all I had to do was replace the 3 LED module I'd obtained from an auto parts store with the Hyperlite Module.

The folks at Hyperlites were very accomodating and responsive via email. The unit got here two days after I ordered it. Total was $36, not bad at all.

It's much brighter than the one from the auto parts store too. Just another attempt for more rearward conspicuity on my part. Perhaps with a bright red LED light more at eye level for cagers who are closer to me will help in getting their attention and getting them to stop at a safe distance from me.

Took it out for a short ride to test the mounting and wiring, already noticed they seem to stop a bit further back from me than usual. Hopefully I am not just imagining things, every little bit helps. Yes, there's that .01% of idiots behind the wheel of a car who miss seeing even the lights of a police vehicle in emergency mode and plow into said police vehicle; however I just feel adding a light higher up can only help in the other 99.99% of cases. For that .01%? That's why I am always in gear and leaving myself an escape path around the car in front of me while stopped.

Above is Maria with running lights on.
Below is a movie showing all the lights that come on when brakes levers are engaged.

Before the addition of the third LED light

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