Thursday, March 13, 2008

JCW Trunk here and mounted

Actually, it got here two days ago, but I've spent some time since then "tweaking" it to my satisfaction.

Before I show you the pictures from the first time around (link), you'll have to keep in mind one of the "tweaks" I've done this time around. The first one, is the one that'll require some imagination on your part until I can get current pictures of Maria.

Tweak 1: The cheesy looking orange plastic on the leading edge of the case? Painted black, first with glossy black Krylon paint, then flat black paint yesterday.

Tweak 2: The really cheesy Iron Cross decal on top of the case, peeled off and gone. Replaced it with 2" convex mirror for now till inspiration strikes me or I find some suitable sticker to cover the small indentation the sticker hid before.

Tweak 3: Not visible, cut some steel bar to better fit the mounting kit to Maria's tail rack. Had to buy some 2.5" carriage bolts for the rear support bar which was the stock bar that came with the trunk. The forward support bar is the one I fabricated.

Tweak 4: Replaced "slightly shiny" white paper backing behind the red rear reflector panel with SOLAS tape. Much more reflective now when light hits it.

Tweak 5: On order, replacing cheap plastic/metal camlock with stainless steel tubular camlock.

Here's the pictures from the first go-around:

The Orange Section below, now flat Black

Here's updated pictures of Maria with the tweaked case mounted. You can clearly see where the paint went to hide the cheesy orange section.

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